Ben Meyer: Gustavus Graduate, World Traveler, Future Doctor

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Ben Meyer: Gustavus Graduate, World Traveler, Future Doctor

     “I was born in Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C.,” Ben Meyer, a recent Gustavus graduate, explained, “You know, the one where all the presidents were treated?” The son of a pharmacist and a nurse, Ben credits part of his interest in the health field to his parents. “I also really want to help people,” he says. Ben’s current work as a medical scribe for the Emergency Physicians Professional Organization in the Twin Cities Area has given him a platform for discussing his medical field experience in his medical school interviews.

     Gustavus may have offered Ben opportunities, but Ben took them and excelled. He studied hard in his courses, took his MCAT entrance exam earlier than most hopeful medical students, and graduated in three and a half years so he could spend his final semester applying and interviewing for medical schools. After interviewing at several medical schools across the country, he accepted the offer to attend Stanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota this upcoming fall.

     “My favorite biology class was Immunology with Professor Lammert,” Ben says confidently, “What I learned was interesting and applicable to what I want to do with my life.” Ben’s favorite experience throughout Gustavus was his semester abroad in the UK and travels across the world, where he was able to meet new people and experience new places. Ben says, “I’m an independent person. I love traveling and I will love being a doctor. Because of my opportunities through Gustavus, I will be able to do both.”

Ben Meyer on his travels to the Jordan River at Yardenit


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