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To the Gulf and Back: A Research Journey Leads to Honors

Update:  Ethan successfully completed his research work, presented his work publicly (at the Sigma Xi symposium), and passed his thesis defense. Therefore on 17 May 2012 Biology Department voted unanimously to approve his receipt of the Honors distinction for his biology degree. In the spring of his sophomore year, Ethan Degner received several emails from […]

Chemistry Seminar Speaker Delaney Describes Inkjet Printing Technology for Chemistry and Biomaterials Research

The Department of Chemistry at Gustavus Adolphus College was privileged to host Dr. Joseph Delaney, Jr. on February 24, 2012 for a talk titled, “Reactive inkjet printing, rapid prototyping, and functional inks; a versatile route to new programmed materials.” A current researcher at Boston Scientific, Delaney was brought in to speak at the weekly chemistry […]