Research Leads Back to His Roots

Posted on January 16th, 2012 by

Steve Groskruetz in the lab of Professor Dwight Stoll where he got his start in research.

Steve Groskruetz had known for a while that he wanted to pursue a career in research. Growing up on a farm, the science involved in agriculture had always fascinated him. When he arrived at Gustavus, Steve set about trying to take advantage of the research opportunities, approaching Chemistry Professor Dwight Stoll about an independent study January-term class. While working with Professor Stoll, Steve found his niche in analytical chemistry, especially liquid chromatography He enjoyed the collaborative work with Professor Stoll and described a discussion-driven environment where he felt that his opinions and perspectives mattered.

During his junior year, Steve sought a research project that would take him beyond the Gustavus campus. With the help of Professor Stoll, he was able to set up a summer internship at a lab at the University of Pittsburgh that was conducting research related to the work he had been doing for the last few years. He worked in the lab of Chemistry Professor Steven Weber developing a method to isolate serotonin and dopamine from metabolites. Steve enjoyed the change of pace and the unique atmosphere that accompanied his summer research opportunity. He found himself well prepared and that his desire to pursue a research career was reaffirmed through his lab work.

Steve hopes that the preparation he has received at Gustavus as well as his summer research will help him to pursue his goals beyond Gustavus. He will attend graduate school for analytical chemistry with an emphasis in mass spectrometry and chromatography in the fall. He hopes to find a career in agribusiness, combining his passion for chemistry with his background in agriculture.




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