Apply Soon! Research Funding by Sigma Xi!

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Students interested in conducting faculty-mentored research are eligible for up to $500 from Sigma Xi, the Scientific Society.

If you have ever wanted to conduct a research project then consider doing what professors and researchers everywhere do by applying for research funding.  Unlike scholarships these funds are given based upon scientific reasoning, not financial need.  This gives the student the chance to explain (in writing) a project to a committee:  what their question is, how they will answer it, the cost of materials, and why the answer might be important and interesting.


Elliot Larson (Class of 2014) working in Dr. Stoll's lab.

Sigma Xi-funded projects by Chemistry and Biology students at Gustavus have included a bewildering array of ideas, including:

  • The Effect of Histone 3.3A on Drosophila melanogaster Fertility by Stephanie Synder.
  • Attentional Effects of Natural Environments by Alex Gjorvad
  • Physiological Allostatic Model of Theater Performance: Cortisol Response in Actors Following a Performance by Cassandra L. Breitenfeldt
  • Preparation of 1,3,2-Oxazaphospholidine-2-oxide Derivatives as Models for the Development of Novel Chiral Auxiliaries by Steven Lundberg
  • Analyte Retention and Column Performance of Drugs in Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography on Carbon-on-Silica Columns by Laura Secor and Carrie Johnson
  • Photodegradation of Flumetsulam and Nicosulfuron Herbicides by Derrick Berndt

Any undergraduate in natural sciences, math or psychology is eligible, but the grant deadline is soon:  Monday September 26!  Simply talk over potential projects with a professor, and visit the Sigma Xi application website (  Good luck!



Maja Johnson (Class of 2013) presents her research



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