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99 Luftballoons: Chemistry professor returns to yet another prank

At 9:40 AM, Professor Scott Bur said good morning to his two research students, senior chemistry major Michelle Kirkvold ’12 and sophomore Michael Sterling ’14, both innocently working on a research presentation on a clunky desktop computer right outside his office door. Kirkvold and Sterling blasted the German song “99 Luftballoons” as Bur pulled open […]

One Glitch After Another: Researchers take an eventful canoe trip down the Blue Earth River

“There’s been a glitch,” Jeff Jeremiason, professor of chemistry and environmental studies mentioned in passing to a research student and myself as we stood sweating in the humidity. The much-anticipated annual canoe trip had already been postponed twice due to rain, and, despite the 118-degree heat index, we were ready for some physical exercise and […]

Spotlight: Tuan Tran ’13

Tuan Tran, junior ACS chemistry major and mathematics minor, started his education at Gustavus on the pre-medical school track.  After researching with Dwight Stoll, professor of chemistry, however, Tran is reconsidering his options. “I used to want to be a doctor, but I am very interested in Stoll’s research, and may go to grad school […]

Fruit Pizza, Presentations, and S’mores: Student researchers forge connections outside of the lab

Research students spend eight to twelve hours during the week tucked away in their labs working on experiments during the summer in Nobel. Often, researchers work long after the sun sets, and even check on experiments during the weekend. It may be hard to imagine fitting social time in when working such long hours, however, […]